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Welcome to the Aspen Institute Japan

Our Mission

The Aspen Institute Japan is a non-profit, non-governmental organization dedicated to promoting enlightened leadership in Japan by way of providing a respite from the pace of daily life for dialogue to deliberate on lasting ideas and values as expressed in classic and contemporary, Western and non-Western texts.

Our Objectives

Since its establishment in 1998, the Aspen Institute Japan has offered various seminar programs that are intended to enhance the leadership abilities of both leaders and future leaders in various sectors of our complex contemporary society. Through intensive dialogue led by skilled moderators and extensive reading of common texts compiled from Western and non-Western classics, the participants in the program are trained to cultivate their power of discernment so indispensable for effective leadership, deepen their understanding of others, improve their power of self-expression, and eventually come to contemplate how to live better as individual human beings in an age of bewildering progress in science and technology.

Seminars Provided

Executive Seminars, Young Executive Seminars, Executive Seminars for High-Level Government Officials, Weekend Seminars and Junior Seminars.

For further information about the Aspen Institute Japan, please refer to the Institute brochure

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